Legacy At

Chris Miller gives a professional tour at Gettysburg but takes lessons and examples from the battle and applies, or helps the attendees apply, them to their lives or workplaces.

At a Legacy at Gettysburg retreat, for example:

  • You won't simply hear about Robert E. Lee's leadership and decision making style; you will be asked about your own strengths and growth areas as you lead in your own sphere of influence.
  • You won't only hear about the sacrifice and teamwork of the 16th Maine volunteers on July 1, 1863; you will be moved to consider your own level of committed sacrifice and teamwork whether at home or in your workplace.

Thus a retreat with Legacy at Gettysburg will provoke those who are a part of this experience to think through and to consider how to apply these stories of real Americans to their family life, boards or teams at work or church.

If desired, Chris will lead your group or team through a process of discussing how a story that he's told is relevant to your life situation. He will help your group sort through and identify its own strengths, styles, and areas of breakdown as well as help create means for growth and overall better functioning at work or on a board

A retreat is

something different:

a tour with some added extras!

What can you expect  from a retreat with Legacy at Gettysburg?

 Those who attend can expect to grow together as a team as they travel together, learn about the civilians and soldiers who were caught up in this moment of America's history and as they work together, assessing and discussing how these lessons and true stories apply to them personally and as a group.

In addition, having breakfast together in the warmth of the Keystone Inn, shopping, walking this part of America's sacred ground and having dinner out as a group all work together to create a unique team or group experience that will not be forgotten.

While Chris cannot guarantee outcomes, he does guarantee that individuals and teams will be powerfully impacted by their retreat with Legacy at Gettysburg.

The historian park rangers and licensed battlefield guides at Gettysburg Military Park are masterful historians and educators. Over the years, Chris has taken many tours and "battle walks" with the men and women who work at Gettysburg. Much of what he has learned comes from walking with, listening to and learning from these professionals. Their job is to communicate information, teaching the people attending their programs about the particular part of the battle they are explaining. These men and women give wonderful, thought-provoking tours

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