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The Legacy retreat is geared to have people think about their purpose in life, how they wish to live it out and how they wish to be remembered. Chris will discuss "How to recover a legacy gone bad." The question isn't if one will leave a legacy but rather what kind of legacy will they leave?

  • McPherson Barn: Looking Out For One Another
  • "Harpers Ferry Cowards": Hope For Redemption and a Second Chance.
  • Bugler Charles Reed and the 9th Mass. Battery: Courage and Sacrifice For Those You Love.
  • Monuments of Meaning: Purpose and Why You Do What You Do? How do you wish to be remembered?
  • Legacy: The 11th Corps at Gettysburg: How Will You Be Remembered?
  •  Lee: His purpose, his decision making and his humility.
  •  Pickett's Charge: Perseverance when you want to quit.
  •  Bugler Charles Reed: From a nobody to the Medal of Honor


The focus of the Teamwork retreat is to expose the you to different scenarios at Gettysburg that required teamwork. You will hear about people that were very effective in creating teamwork as well as those who fell very short as team mates or leaders.You      will be challenged to consider how both you and your team function in accomplishing common goals. The following options are available for your retreat:

  • Willard's Brigade: Common Vision/Common Purpose
  • Dan Sickles: Taking Action On Your Own/Taking Initiative
  • Artillery Unit:  Everyone Plays a Vital Role
  • Bigelow's Battery: Working Together To Accomplish A Goal
  •  Iverson:  When The Leader Doesn't Lead
  • Chamberlain: Quick Thinking and Planning Together
  • Freeman McGilvery:  Staving Off Disaster

Retreat Itineraries

Below are some sample options for retreat topics and itineraries. As we discuss your purpose for your retreat and what you wish to produce through it, I can suggest stories from the options under each heading; stories that can help you achieve your desired outcomes.


 This retreat will allow the attendees to see a large portion of the battlefield while covering several different topics. All three days of the battle will be covered. Some of the topics covered are listed below:

  • John Buford: Strategic thinking and keen planning
  •  Carrying the Flag: The 26th North Carolina
  • The Capture of the16th Maine: Obedience and Honor
  • Willard's Brigade:  Hope for a Second Chance
  •  Joshua Chamberlain: Quick Thinking to save the Union Left
  •  Bugler Charles Reed: From a Nobody to the Medal of Honor
  • George Green Forgotten hero: When it's right to go against the grain.
  •  Pickett's Charge: Persevering when you'd rather quit.


Often forgotten in the discussion of Gettysburg are the women who cared for the wounded both during and following the battle. In addition, they hid Union soldiers and fed dinner to Confederate soldiers, sometimes at the same time!

  • Sarah Broadhead: Survival!
  • Elizabeth Thorn: Pregnant and Alone
  •  Aunt Liz: A Black Woman Behind Enemy Lines
  • Tillie Pierce: In the Thick of It
  •  Henrietta Shriver: Taken Over




  • Lee and Meade: Listening, openness, receiving instruction.
  • Iverson and Armisted:  Leading from the front.
  • Longstreet and Lee: Confrontation and conflict
  • The 26th North Carolina: Courage Under Fire.
  • Alonzo Cushing and Battery A 4th US Artillery: Faithfulness to a task.
  • George Greene: Preparedness despite opposition
  •  Dan Sickles: The Good and Bad of Initiation
  • Winfield Hancock: When It's Time To Take Charge
  • Lee: Knowing and Adapting To Those You Are Leading.
  • Pickett's Charge:  Persevering Through Intense Times
  • Freeman McGilvery: Asking People To Do The Difficult Thing


The Leadership Focus Retreat will allow you to learn about various leaders at Gettysburg, along with their styles, the decisions they had to make and how they went about influencing those under their leadership. The goal of this retreat is not only to educate about those who led but for you to think more clearly about your own leadership style and its effectiveness. The following options are available from Legacy Retreats:

Customized Retreats for Team-Building and Leadership