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"Chris, thanks for making the Gettysburg experience possible. I appreciate your dedication and willingness to share your perspective and passion.  The time with you and the group was, and will continue to be profound and compelling."                                                                                                               GR, 2014

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"This trip led me to examine my life from the 30,000 foot level and to ask some questions about my life: Where am I going? What do I do when it really counts? What's really at play in this decision I'm about to make?"

                          Matt, 2014

"Chris has a desire to help men grow in becoming the men of God that each one of us is called to be. Using the battlefield of Gettysburg as the textbook, Chris walked us through lessons of pain, sorrow, suffering but in ways that few, if any, of us will ever personally witness or experience. Along with stories of strategy, sacrifice, triumph, valor, courage, graciousness, humility, and bravery that we as men can learn from in applying to our lives today. The story of Lee's humility, mentioned above, is often lost among all else that took place on that third day of the battle. Chris brought this moment to our attention as he did with other oft forgotten "moments" in every other location we walked on the battlefield. A trip to Gettysburg with Chris will make you stop and think more deeply about your life and the way you are living it today."

                                                                         Nathan, 2014


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"I was only three days in Gettysburg, but the memories and the stories of the people there doing extraordinary things will remain with me always.  Being able to walk off the beaten path and listen to the events that took place was something that left a deep impression upon me.  It sparked a desire in me to know more about what these men and women did during one of darkest events in our country’s history.  Chris' passion, knowledge, and ability to communicate have inspired me to grow more in my life’s journey and to be all that God has created me to be.  I will continue in my efforts to learn more and to share those stories with others in the noble quest of not letting anyone forget what happened at Gettysburg."

                                                                                              Brian, 2014

"My trip to Gettysburg was terrific, and I am so thankful that I went. Chris made the history of Gettysburg come alive with captivating and memorable stories of the heroes (and goats) of the great battle. There are so many lessons that I took from this experience that have influenced the way I live on a day to day basis. I would very, very highly recommend going on this trip with Chris. You will be glad that you did."

                                       Michael, 2014

"I often reflect back on the trip and the many men that we discussed and actions and consequences of the actions.   Leadership is critical at home, work, and in the church and lack of leadership has consequences can have big consequences those areas.  I continue to try to surround myself with strong leaders and continue to always be on the lookout for the things that will threaten my path.  Life is a battlefield of sorts, I continually reflect on the  legacy I will leave and how the  people closest to me reflect back on my life."


                            Nick, 2014