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Transportation, Accommodations, Scheduling and More

The airports closest to Gettysburg are Harrisburg Pennsylvania (45 minutes) and Baltimore Maryland (75 minutes). Each group is responsible for attaining its own tickets for flights. If you are traveling from Denver, Chris may travel with you. If you are coming from another city, Chris will meet you in Gettysburg.

Rental Cars

Each group will reserve its own rental cars from the entry city they desire. Renters would be wise to consider luggage and the number of people in their group when renting a car.



Legacy at Gettysburg tours and retreats stay at the Keystone Inn Bed and Breakfast in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. If the Keystone Inn is not available, other lodging will be used (costs may vary). Legacy at Gettysburg will arrange lodging when commitments have been made by the interested group.  Costs for staying at the Keystone Inn range from $40-50/night if sharing a suite in a group of four to having a private room for $135-175/night.  Breakfasts are included in the price.

*Due to the popularity of the Keystone Inn, tours should be booked 4-6 months in advance to insure the desired lodging.

Lunches will be on the battlefield with snacks and other foods brought with you from home or purchased in Gettysburg. Dinners are in moderately priced restaurants each night.


While some have the needed gear for such a trip, some may have to purchase some items prior to the tour. Chris can go over with you what is needed for different types of tours and for the time of the year in which it occurs.

Time of Year
The weather at Gettysburg determines the ease of these retreats. Winters can be harsh and travel difficult in this part of the country. The best months for retreats are March through October with Springtime and Fall providing the best times of the year to see Gettysburg. Summers certainly can work for retreats in Gettysburg and Chris has led several during that time of year. In the summer months, however, travelers must be prepared for the heat and crowds that converge on Gettysburg.

Leader's Fee

All of Chris Miller's expenses from Denver and in Gettysburg are covered by the group  along with payment for the tour itself. This fee, along with other cost estimates will be determined upon contacting Legacy at Gettysburg.