Customized Retreats for Team-Building and Leadership

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Each of these retreat types may include an all-day or half-day option. In addition, retreats can last for four days or longer, dependent upon the needs and availability of the group.

The time spent together at Gettysburg cannot be reproduced anywhere else. While standing at the exact place where an event happened, Dr. Chris Miller will tell the stories of the men who fought there and the character traits they lived out. You will hear about men on both sides who selflessly worked with others to accomplish a common goal or purpose. You will also hear about men who made selfish, foolish and destructive choices that impacted the lives of thousands. 

Chris Miller brings these stories alive as he talks not just about the battle, but as he helps the listener actually get to know these men personally through first-hand accounts found in their letters home and their journals. "You don't just hear about these men and women. It's like you get to know them."

This isn't history like it's taught in school with just names and dates: it's history with personal stories and personal application for those who attend.

Types of Retreats

All day walking retreat:  Upon arrival the first day and each day after breakfast, the group drives to a given location where the cars are left and returned to at the end of the day.

Walking and driving combination:
For those who don't want to or cannot walk all day, the group will drive to key locations with some short walks included.

Driving only retreat: This is for those groups who may be unable to walk distances and instead desire to drive from place to place with Chris Miller leading the group at each stop.

One day mini-retreat: For those who live within driving distance of Gettysburg National Military Park, Chris can conduct a one day mini-retreat on the topic of your choice. You may pick a topic pertinent to your group or ask him to give you an overview of the three-day battle of Gettysburg, as he applies the stories told to everyday life.

Why go to Gettysburg for your corporate or ministry retreat? Because it is time to experience one our nation's most sacred battlefields and how it can impact your life, leadership and character today!

Every year, businesses, non-profit organizations and churches spend money on staff development and team building. Legacy at Gettysburg is geared to help leadership teams, boards and staffs get out of a room or retreat center and instead walk the sacred ground at Gettysburg together.

Legacy at Gettysburg Retreats come in a variety of forms and lengths to help each group with its specific needs, abilities, goals and interests: